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Artist/Project: Jakob Dylan
Role: Producer  
Release Date: 4/06/10  
  1. Nothing But The Whole Wide World
2. Down On Our Shield
3. Lend A Hand
4. We Don't Live Here Anymore
5. Everybody's Hurting
6. Yonder Come the Blues
7. Holy Rollers for Love
8. Truth For A Truth
9. They've Trapped Us Boys
10. Smile When You Call Me That
11. Standing Eight Count
Women + Country is Jakob Dylan's highly anticipated sophomore solo album and marks the first time Jakob and T Bone have worked together in the studio since The Wallflowers' multi-platinum Bringing Down The Horse in 1996. Women + Country is soulful yet striking, ripe with sublime beauty. Paired with T Bone and joined with the stirringly rich vocals of Neko Case and Kelly Hogan, Women + Country creates a compelling and powerful experience for the listener.