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No Better Than This Available at:   
Artist/Project: John Mellencamp
Role: Producer  
Release Date: 8/17/10  
  1.Save Some Time to Dream
2.The West End
3.Right Behind Me
4.A Graceful Fall
5.No Better Than This
6.Thinking About You
7.Coming Down the Road
8.No One Cares About Me
9.Love at First Sight
10.Don't Forget About Me
11.Each Day of Sorrow
12.Easter Eve
13.Clumsy Ol' World
No Better Than This is an album by John Mellencamp, produced by T Bone Burnett, that was released on August 17, 2010. The album was recorded at several historic locations throughout the United States. The title track is the album's first single and was sent to multiple radio formats on June 28.

Mellencamp said that the album is "as American folk as I've ever been." He also told Rolling Stone in July 2009 that he's not concerned whether or not there's a large audience for such a raw, simple record. "I am done being a rock star," Mellencamp said. "I have no interest in that, in having the biggest concerts. I have only one interest: to have fun while we’re doing this and maybe have something that somebody might discover."