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Twenty Twenty:
The Essential T Bone Burnett
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Release Date: 5/16/06
Disc 1
1. Humans from Earth
2. Born in Captivity
3. Primitives
4. Power of Love
5. Fatally Beautiful
6. Monkey Dance
7. The Long Time Now
8. River of Love
9. Shut It Tight
10. Tear This Building Down
11. The Murder Weapon
12. Image
13. Kill Zone
14. Hula Hoop
15. Criminals
16. Diamonds Are a Girl’s Best Friend
17. No Love at All
18. When the Night Falls
19. Over You
20. The Bird That I Held in My Hand
Disc 2
1. Every Little Thing
2. House of Mirrors
3. The Dogs
4. Shake Yourself Loose
5. Kill Switch
6. I Wish You Could Have Seen Her Dance
7. Hefner and Disney
8. Driving Wheel
9. Boomerang
10. Euromad
11. Strange Combination
12. East of East
13. The People’s Limousine
14. Trap Door
15. I’m Coming Home
16. It’s Not Too Late
17. Song to a Dead Man
18. After All These Years
19. Man, Don’t Dog Your Woman (From the Blues: The Soul of a Man)
20. Bon Temps Rouler
This 2 CD set is a 40 song retrospective spanning T Bone's entire career of music making.  As Newsweek said upon the album's release in 2006, “For those who can’t name a single T Bone Burnett song, you’ll want to go through both records to see what you’ve been missing. For the cognoscenti, you’ll want to listen to remember why you cared in the first place.  He's a singer whose voice you instantly believe, and a songwriter with a wide range and a well-honed set of skills.”