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The True False Identity Available at:
Release Date: May 2006
  1. Zombieland
2. Palestine Texas
3. Seven Times Hotter Than Fire
4. There Would Be Hell To Pay
5. Every Time I Feel The Shift
6. I'm Going On A Long Journey Never To Return
7. Hollywood Mecca Of The Movies
8. Fear Country
9. Baby Don't You Say You Love Me
10. Earlier Baghdad (The Bounce)
11. Blinded By The Darkness
12. Shaken Rattled And Rolled
T Bone emerged with this album in 2006 after a 14 year hiatus as a recording artist.  The True False Identity was greeted with nearly unanimous critical acclaim; Jon Pareles exclaimed in the New York Times, "The music [T Bone] makes is deeply rooted but never simply a throwback.  He prizes the simplicity and audacity of classic Americana, from blunt heartbreak songs to surreal tall tales.  But he has no interest in recreating the past.  Instead, he’s mapping old-time integrity into the complicated present tense."